Welcome to the U.S. Supreme Court Death Watch - SCOTUS Deathwatch

This page was created in response to a question I brought up when discussing the Supreme Court with a friend. We were commiserating over our dislike for a particular justice and I wondered, "How much longer will he be on the court?" Knowing that justices are appointed for life, I figured we were stuck with him until he keeled over. I looked up his birthdate and punched it into the Social Security Administration Life Expectancy Calculator and got my answer. Granted, it's a very rough approximation, and most people will retire before they actually are knocking on death's door, but it gave me a bit of an idea of how much longer he would be hanging around SCOTUS.

I then figured, there must be other people like me, who want to know how long a particular justice will be sitting on the bench (statistically speaking).

I give you, the SCOTUS Deathwatch!

All sitting justices are listed here. Each justices' birthdate is used to determine their actuarial life expectancy using the SSA caculator. Now if a particular SCOTUS decision rubs you the wrong way, and you want to know when the court may change its leaning, you have one handy web page that will give you an idea when a justice's time is up!

Samuel A. Alito, Jr., April 1, 1950. Time until September 25, 2034

Amy Coney Barrett, January 28, 1972. Time until June 30, 2057

Neil McGill Gorsuch, August 29, 1967. Time until November 12, 2049

Ketanji Brown Jackson, born September 14, 1970. Time until February 29, 2056

Elena Kagan, April 28, 1960. Time until March 25, 2046

Brett Kavanaugh, February 12, 1965. Time until July 25, 2047

Anthony M. Kennedy, born July 23, 1936. Time until December 2, 2024

John G. Roberts, born January 27, 1955. Time until September 25, 2038

Sonia Sotomayor, June 25, 1954. Time until September 25, 2040

Clarence Thomas, born June 23, 1948. Time until March 25, 2033